About Us


Established in 1991 to serve the employees of Heriot-Watt University, our Credit Union slowly expanded to include the four main universities in Edinburgh. After years of growth and success, we’re proud to say that as of 2019, membership is now open to every Higher Education employee in Scotland, their graduates, their students and even our members’ families! We are over 1,000 member’s strong and growing steadily!


Scottish Universities Community Bank is entirely independent of the universities. We love that these institutions recognise the value we continue to offer their employees and support our initiative by providing free Payroll-Deduction – making it easier than ever for our members to save.
Scottish Universities Community Bank is a mutual association which encourages our members to save on a regular basis, as little or as much as they can. These savings are pooled and used to give fair, competitive loans to every member, charged at a flat rate of interest you can find on our products page.